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Children's classroom completion project

  These are the pictures of the classroom area downstairs and below is a letter from Jerome
I have placed the approx amounts into the letter 
Today, we continue doing our duties to the Lord..this coming October we will start the evangelism again...and hope this will become fruitful too...the church will be celebrating its anniversary and everybody is excited for that event :) me too is excited :) and it's already September now...yesterday the church board had conducted a meeting and they asked me to talk to you about the children division...section... we have made a little classroom for the children but the children division needs to finish its construction... today we have almost 15,000 pesos (about $320) for the construction but to finish this...according to the builder it needs 200,000 Php. (about $4250) which is beyond to the amount that we have today...for the amount mention is including the tiles, finishing and everything.
If you wish to contribute to this project label tithe envelope " Philippine Project Classroom"