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Funding for Church planting and building in Philippines
The Filinvest church is a very active church involved in mission work through the "Maranatha Help Ministries Philippines, Inc." headed up by Jerome D. Ramos.  Recently this busy church had a retreat to the sea shore for a day of restoration.  What they found was a small church that is in sad repair.  (photo of the front of the church and the one of the missing portion of the roof)  The membership used to be much larger but through time, the people have moved to the cities and now the church is down to about 15 members.  They have been disappointed in all the able bodied young people moving away and therefore they have not been able to finish the church.  The church, however, had a greater vision.  They have worked hard and purchased land in the nearby village.  It is located in the center of town across from the town market area.  The church elder as well as the district pastor have asked if Jerome would come in and plant a church in this town.  He has agreed to do so and would like to provide them with funds to build a small but nice church in the center of this town where there is no Adventist presence.  So this is the project with the evangelism taking place in May 2017 and from there a church to be built if possible on the land that they have already purchased.  Will we be able to help with this project? 
     I you wish to help place donation in church tithe envelope indicate "Philippine project"