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Maranatha ministries-Jerome Ramos dateline 3/6/2017
Dear Dr. Neal & Kathy,
Greetings from Philippines!
Today I have the time to face the computer and do the writing :) thank you for your support, after the Bible prophecy seminar 15 souls where baptized and there are still several to be followed up... though it is hard for me because I am the only speaker to that seminar (2 Weeks) unlike before I have co-evangelist however handling prophecy is not that easy so I have to train them for the prophecy...Thank you also for your support, 10 souls where baptized also in Mindoro (Hillsview SDA Church) same month, thank you also for the support again there are several souls again were baptized in Western Pangasinan... so this months there are many souls were dedicated to Jesus through baptism. About the sound system and projector, yes! we still need it... some portion of the amount that you have sent where already used in Pangasinan, Mindoro, and San Pedro..and we are still saving the remaining amount in Palawan this April..the need for the Palawan Mission is great and the challenge is really great as well, the venue is the territory of the Born Again Christian and that is tribe, some pastors from that denomination is trying to block us by coming this April and do the evangelism, but I have instructed the coordinator there to secure the permit from the government there immediately for where are the challenges and some conflict we must to be there.
Please pray for one of the young boy who was the product of my Bible prophecy seminar last week... he was warn to be evicted by his uncle and auntie (A Pastor of born again Christian) from their house once he continue attending the Bible Prophecy Seminar, but he still attended, He was warned again by his relatives once he get baptized, but still last Sabbath he decided to get baptized and his relatives decided to evict him from their house..he is one of my students..currently he is living in the church and the Filinvest Church as well as the ministry is proving his food and school allowances. He is 19 years old and from the far away province in Visayas region...he does not want to go back to his family in the province because ha experienced physical abuse from his father... and now he escaped and went to his relatives here in San Pedro, however he received not good treatment, Please include him in your prayer, his name is Bernie and he is grade 11 student, one year more to finish the sinior high school...
Next letter I will attached the photos of evangelism and persons who got baptized, until here God bless you more and regards to kathy,
With you in Christ's service,